Timberlake and Goodman folk around for the Coen brothers


More casting news has surfaced for the Coen brothers’s Inside Llewyn Davis, which begins shooting in New York City next year. Justin Timberlake (seen above impersonating a pterodactyl at Christmas) has been offered one of the leads in the film. It’s also been reported that John Goodman (seen above rocking the mike like a boss emcee) is on board with the Coens once again, his sixth film with them. Should Timberlake accept (why wouldn’t he?), both actors will join the previously cast Carey Mulligan and Oscar Isaac.

Inside Llewyn Davis focuses on New York’s folk scene in the 1960s and is loosely based on real-life musician Dave van Ronk. Isaac will play the title folking role — a talented singer and songwriter from Queens who can’t make a folking living. Timberlake will play a fellow folker married to Mulligan’s folking character.

No word on Goodman’s role yet, but hopefully he gets to folking sing a little (or folking bowl, or folking wrestle). I actually have a lot of folking fondness for his rendition of “People Like Us” in True Stories, that Talking Heads movie about tabloid tales and common folk. I’ve included it after the folking jump for you curious folkers out there.

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People Like Us. John Goodman in True Stories

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