TMNT producer buys rights to animated Cabbage Patch Kids


Sorry, I don’t want to Risk spending too much time on this Trivial Pursuit of our nostalgia wallets, but I’ve got a raging Clue that Cabbage Patch Kids is far being numero Uno in Life when there’s a Monopoly of board game movie adaptations that are already in Operation, such as Candy Land. What a tongue Twister!

Galen Walker, producer of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action film, has bought the TV rights from Original Appalachian Artworks to make “an animated TV special featuring the Cabbage Patch Kids.” It’s not known if it will be a full blown television show, or just a TV movie, or if anyone is even willing to watch it at all. Holiday TV film special, maybe?

I’m guessing it and Fraggle Rock‘s strategy is to only target today’s children and hope for a new marketing explosion that repeats the fad from the mid 80s. If it works, it’s just a matter of time until every notable past brand tries to cash in again. Imagine if Beanie Babies come back as a competitor to Pokemon! Or Barney as a competitor to Turok. What? I can dream! Which nostalgia bribe are you looking forward to the most?

[Via THR, header image via my childhood nightmares]