TMNT reboot script leaks, not a hero in a half-shell


According to the hilariously named Ninja Turtles reboot hatin’ blog, TMNT, NOT TANT, the script for the delayed Ninja Turtles remake/reboot is well…terrible.

The alleged script follows Casey Jones (who is now a teenager who curses too much for a kid’s flick) as he befriends the turtles (who he apparently insults a great deal). Other odd tidbits include Casey dating April O’ Neil (who name drops CBS, and there are a lot of name drops), Shredder renamed as “Schrader” a military general, and the Ninja Turtles are warriors of prophecy from another dimension. Yup. 

While the blog itself spews vitriol toward every aspect of the alleged script (included the writing, which is odd for a blog filled with typos) there may be some slight credibility to the blog’s claims. Apparently, the blog received a cease and desist letter from Paramount regarding the leak. Whether the script is an early draft or the reason the project was seriously delayed, it had something Paramount (allegedly) didn’t want getting out. 

While I’m not enough of a fan of TMNT to get seriously worked up over this, I don’t like bad ideas. If any of this leaked script is valid, it’s probably a good thing the film was set back. Besides if I want to see a remake with bad ideas, I’ll just watch the new Robocop.

[TMNT, NOT TANT via The Film Stage