Today the Syfy Channel becomes Camp Crystal Lake public access channel, airing 24-hour marathon and in-universe commercials


Is there any horror franchise besides Friday the 13th so popular, so highly regarded that it gets its own holiday? February 5 is Shower With a Friend Day, which could easily be twisted into a Psycho-centric celebration, but until some hero takes the reigns on that one, our (sometimes) hockey mask wearing killer will remain the Santa Claus of slashers.

And much like how A Christmas Story has its own interminable 24-hour television marathon, the Syfy channel will be airing its own marathon to celebrate the master of bed folding, Jason Voorhees. This one will be a little more palatable, though, as there will be more than one film in the marathon, and Syfy intends to air in-universe commercials for the latter half of the day.

Any time today, you can tune in and see one of eight Friday the 13th stab-em-ups: either Friday the 13th, Part 2, Part 3, The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, Jason Lives, The New Blood, or Jason Takes Manhattan. All told, it’s a good showing, but I will miss Jason X for its goofy antics.

Most horror fans likely have uncut collections of the series, though, so it’s good to see Syfy taking an extra step and becoming Camp Crystal Lake’s public access channel from 6:00 PM to midnight tonight, at which point they’ll begin to air in-universe commercials, camp counselor recruitment videos, PSAs, favorite movie moments, and more. So, even if you’re trapped in the horrors of work on this most spooktacular holiday, you’ll still have something to look forward to once you get home.

Maybe Syfy can do something similar on August 2, which we all know is National Doll Day, to celebrate the Child’s Play series.

Syfy Becoming “Camp Crystal Lake’s Public Access Channel” for 24-Hour ‘Friday the 13th’ Marathon! [Bloody Disgusting]

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