Todd Phillips confirms that The Joker will be rated R


I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been a fan of anything that has come out of the DCEU since Man of Steel. Truth be told, the only movies I’ve been looking forward to from DC have been ones that are tangentially related to their abomination of an instant-cinematic universe. No that doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to whatever James Gunn has in store for The Suicide Squad, I’m talking about the new Joker and the far-off Booster Gold movie.

The Joker has been steeped in mystery as we try to figure out what it’s going to be all about. How will they pull off a movie about The Joker without Batman? What’s the general feel going to be? Will this make us feel sympathy for a character who is without morals? Most of these questions will have to wait until the October 4 release but when Joker does release we know it will be rated R.

In a reply to an Instagram post about wrapping up the movie, director Todd Phillips responded to a fan’s question about the upcoming movies MPAA rating.

“It will be Rated R. I’ve been asked this a lot. Just assumed people knew. Sorry.”

So now the question is, where does this rating come from? I can’t see this being an overly gory movie so my bet is on language with a few violent scenes to push it over the dreaded PG-13 rating.

I’m really glad we’re seeing the comic book genre mature out of the PG-13 zone. I’ve always hated that rating as it’s a sign that the creators more than likely caved to editors who wanted the movie to reach a wider audience. With movies like Logan, and to a lesser extent Deadpool, it’s refreshing to see that studios are willing to make comic book movies for older audiences.

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