Tom and Jerry defile Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


To begin: Tom and Jerry are still a thing. Not like a retro thing, but, evidently, an actual, current thing that is created here and now. 

What form are they taking now that they’ve exhausted every plot line of cat and mouse that ever existed? Inserting themselves in the the classic film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. No, I’m not talking about a weird adaptation where Tom is Wonka and Jerry is the kid or something. I mean they’re taking the movie, with the same songs, and same plot, and just adding Tom and Jerry. Judging from this trailer it doesn’t look like the two titular characters even engage with the film. It’s as if they’re some sort of ghosts that can’t be seen by the people of the film.

It is hard to comprehend why this even came into being. Neither of these franchises is particularly hot at the moment and the execution of it is really off. I can’t even imagine what the nightmare tunnel will be. Maybe some real life footage of a cat actually eating a mouse to totally scare the kids?

Maybe Warners needed to do something with both properties in order to maintain rights. It’s a Fantastic Four type catastrophe

(Note: This is, of course, part of a series. Tom and Jerry have already visited Oz, you know.)

Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Extras

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