Tom Cruise is in Oblivion


Tom Cruise has signed up for Universal’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi Oblivion, where he will play a soldier, the lone inhabitant of a ravaged Earth, whose job is to repair droids designed to seek out and destroy ‘a savage alien lifeform’, while the rest of the population lives in cities above the clouds. One day, a hot lass happens to crash-land nearby (love it when that happens), whom the soldier falls in love with and finds – dramatic pause – his worldview changed forever. So it’s a bit like Wall.E meets Alien meets The Empire Strikes Back meets… oh, I don’t know… an episode of Star Trek where Kirk got laid?

The movie will be directed by Tron Legacy‘s Joseph Kosinski, having been picked up by Universal (who are committing a $100m budget to the project) after Disney decided that its likely PG-13 rating would be too much for their audience of mothers and chubby little darlings, who are apparently unable to handle anything more intense than magical men from Happy Land, living in gumdrop houses on Lollipop Lane. A graphic novel is also attached to the project, with the fear of paper cuts another possible reason for Disney passing.

To think that Cruise could have been doing At The Mountains of Madness with Guillermo Del Toro instead. Sigh.

[via Deadline]