Tom Cruise offered role in Rock of Ages musical adaptation


Rock of Ages is one of those period musicals that seems to exist only to prey on your love of a certain era, in this case the 80s. It’s like glam rock never died a very deserved death in the minds of some of its fans. And of course, since Hollywood is in the nostalgia business these days, that musical will be getting the big screen treatment.

Word on the street (or from Total Film) is that Tom Cruise has been tapped for an unspecified supporting role in the adaptation. As of yet, it’s unconfirmed, but Cruise has apparently always wanted to sing in a musical, and this would be his chance to rock out. He already did that dance at the end of Tropic Thunder, so perhaps this wouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

Are you prepared to see Tom Cruise wearing leather and with impossibly big hair? Actually, scratch that, who could possibly be prepared for that?

[via Total Film]