Tom Hanks to star in pirate film lacking eye patches


I’ve always sided with ninjas when it comes to the eternal war between ninjas and pirates. I’m just not into savvy swashbuckling and flags and eye patches. I’m definitely not into the other pirates with their h4xx0rz and mod chips and illegal recording of sporting events without written consent from their respective leagues. Apparently, there’s yet ANOTHER group of pirates that, instead of hacking your PSWii60s or ripping Mars Needs Moms on a DVD-R, they terrorize the seas and take captives.

Perhaps Tom Hanks is ready to begin the search for his beloved Wilson as he turns his sights back on the sea, as Deadline is reporting his attachment to the film adaptation of Captain Richard Phillips’s autobiography, A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea. The book recounts Phillips’s terrorizing 2009 capture by Somali pirates and subsequent rescue by American ships.

Prepare yourselves for scenes of heightened bravery and courage in the face of diminishing faith. I’m gonna start a betting pool on how many frames show Hanks staring pensively towards the sky for inspiration. I think I’ll start with an over/under of five.

[via Deadline]