Tom Hardy’s face is freed for his Al Capone movie


Tom Hardy isn’t shy about taking on challenging projects (especially if said projects require a contraption over his face), and he has potentially one of his toughest currently in the works. Director Josh Trank released a photo of Hardy as notorious gangster Al Capone, and without knowing it was Hardy ahead of time it may be difficult to tell who the actor is.

The upcoming film, titled Fonzo, isn’t focusing on Capone’s pre-prison events. Capone was just 33 when he was arrested for tax evasion and sentenced to eleven years in federal prison. Instead, the scope is narrowed to his years after his sentence, where Capone struggled with dementia before eventually succumbing to cardiac arrest from a stroke. 

Fonzo started production this spring and currently does not have an expected release date. 

Nick Hershey