Tom Hardy to play Elton John in Rocketman


I’m not sure Elton John could ever be considered handsome no matter what stage of his career we’re talking about so the casting of Tom Hard as the legendary singer is a bit of a head scratcher. Word has come down that Rocket Pictures Rocketman, the bio pick about John, has cast the leading man as… the leading man. Hardy is a good enough actor to pull almost anything off, and make up can do wonders, but something just feels off about the casting to me. I guess Justin Timberlake wasn’t available.

Thankfully, we’ll all get to judge as Focus has picked up the distribution for the film so that it can have a “major” US release. With things starting to actually roll, the casting a popular male lead, John re-recording many of his songs for the film and Focus making a major push with it we could be seeing some Oscar buzz for this once it arrives.

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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