Tom Holland blurts out another spoiler, we love him for it



Proving once again that he just can’t keep his mouth zipped, Tom Holland yesterday let the news slip that the upcoming Spiderman sequel will be titled Spiderman: Far From Home. In an Instagram vid where he suggested that there’d be no big reveal this weekend, he enlightened us to one very important detail, and the MCU fandom is indebted to him.

This isn’t the first time he’s let slip major facts: remember all the times Benedict Cumberbatch had to hold him back from blurting out the entire plot of Infinity War? When he spoiled it for an entire group of cinemagoers? How about revealing the entire plot of Jurassic World to Chris Pratt? The fact that he wasn’t even in the latest dino installment is particularly impressive. Anyway, this time the serial spoiler was intentionally leaning into his reputation as a blabbermouth and the result was a lot of very happy fans as he waved his iPad in the air for all to see.

Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys ♥️

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The naming savants over at Marvel have decided to stick to the theme of ‘home’ following 2017’s Spiderman: Homecoming, and (just maybe) it has something to do with the fact that he’s pretty far from home at the end of Infinity War. Tom says he’s just as confused as we are since he vaporized in the latest film, but I just don’t buy it. He knows something.

After the deluge of fan theories that graced the Internet at the end of April, I can’t say I’m convinced he’s completely bitten the dust. Isn’t it more likely that he’s just going to pop up with the other heroes, rematerializing in all their powdery glory onto Thanos’ little paradise island? You can make your own truth on this one. Nevertheless, Tom should have some idea of his character’s trajectory soon, as his Instagram revealed that he now has a copy of the script, ahead of shooting which starts in July.

Since Far From Home is due to hit theaters on July 5, 2019, there is a serious bit of cleaning up to do before we can see Spidey back in action. I for one want to see how Aunt May is going to react in the next Avengers, which will be released next year on May 3, 2019. Tony Stark better have some answers for her. What we know already about Far From Home is that Jon Watts will be returning to the director’s chair and that Zendaya will return as Michelle Jones, as well as Michael Keaton’s Vulture.

And importantly, rumors have now been confirmed and Jake Gyllenhaal will play Mysterio. It will be his first official role as a mainstream supervillain: he narrowly missed out on roles in the original Spiderman and Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. This new addition to the MCU will be a welcome change for fans but, pitted against the Spidey we all know and love, despite his big mouth, I don’t think he stands a chance.

There’s no place like home!

Sian Francis Cox
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