Tom Holland reveals Spider-Man: Homecoming is the start of a new Spidey trilogy


As we get closer to its release, my enthusiasm for Spider-Man: Homecoming has sort of cooled. I mean, I’ll watch it, but I think one of the trailers pretty much gave everything away, and the newest promo stuff looks like a jumbled old mess. It’ll probably make a bunch of money, which is good news for Sony and the MCU/Disney since there’s a new Spidey trilogy in the works.

Speaking with Allo Cine, Tom Holland revealed there are two sequels planned:

Yes, there is what we call the arc of the character. There is still a lot of room for Peter Parker and Spider-Man, especially, to grow in the next two movies. He’s definitely not the finished article by the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and I really look forward to exploring the different ways he can grow up and… go through puberty I guess. It’s going to be an exciting couple of movies…

There will be a Spider-Man 2 and 3… Yeah, well now you know, sorry Marvel. Whoops!

Peter Parker Dance - Spider-man 3

As the team at Collider points out, the deal between the MCU and Sony only extends through Spider-Man 3.0 Part 2. The studios may need to renegotiate their deal for Spider-Man 3.0 Part 3; Sony may decide to part from the MCU and do the third film themselves. This is assuming they don’t just detonate the Spider-Man franchise and start over again yet again.

How do you feel about a new Spider-Man trilogy? Should they go to the old west? Should they just have a bigger Death Star? Should Tom Holland do an evil dance with evil emo hair? Let us know in the comments.

[Allo Cine via Collider]
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