Tom Holland’s Spider-Man might spin webs, catch flies alongside Venom in a future film


Fans of Marvel’s arachnid Avenger have had perhaps more of a dramatic, nerve-shaking few months than any other worshippers of pop culture with the back-and-forth between Disney and Sony over Spider-Man’s cinematic fate. The legal web in which we’ve found ourselves called into question Spidey’s role in future MCU films, throwing a wrench into any of Kevin Feige and co.’s carefully-laid world-building plans.

Lawyers battled fang and nail and we got a happy ending out of the whole kerfuffle, though the MCU incarnation of Spider-Man now had two parents to please, with Sony and Marvel taking the reins moving forward. 

With Sony onboard now more than ever, the possibility of Spidey mingling with another, darker web-slinger over at Sony is a real possibility, if some comments made by Venom director Ruben Fleischer are to be taken literally.

Speaking to Fandom about his new Zombieland sequel, Flesicher admitted to the relief of handing the developing Venom follow-up over to actor and director Andy Serkis, lamenting the critical response to his first film. Serkis’ comments on how Spider-Man and Venom could meet up for a movie date sparked a reaction from Flesicher. “That’s where it’s all going to lead,” he says, mentioning the team’s rewriting of Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) evolution into Venom as a means of side-stepping any Disney entanglements with Spider-Man’s relationship to Venom’s origins. Fleischer says a team-up is “the thing I think [Venom 2 is] building towards, and will be exciting to see.”

Sony currently has Venom 2 slated for release in about a year, with a date set for October 2, 2020. Over at Disney, a third Spider-Man, starring Tom Holland, is set to appear sometime in the next two years. Beyond that, my writer-sense is tingling with speculation.

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