Tom Savini latest irrelevant actor to score Django role


Another day, another Django Unchained casting announcement. With Kurt Russell replacing Kevin Costner and the more recent addition of Don Johnson as a slave pimp, the latest irrelevant name to come out of Django Unchained has been announced. That name … Tom Savini?

For those scratching their head, Tom Savini is the master of special effects behind such movies as Dawn of the Dead (the original), Creepshow and Friday The 13th. He also directed the underrated 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead and most importantly played Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn. In Django Unchained, he will play one of three Brittle brothers, a group of redneck outlaws who sell off the original character.

A bit anti climatic, but still a worthy addition. Still waiting on that Tom Selleck announcement though.

[Via IndieWire]