Tomasz Opasinski on technology and movie advertising



Though you might not know his name, you’ve definitely seen his work. Tomasz Opasinski is a famous, important figure in the movie poster industry. Flixist has previously featured some of his designs and the above image is one of his designs as well. Opasinski recently said that the movie poster and advertising industry is facing some new challenges with the changes in technology over the past ten years or so. 

In my opinion movie posters were (as a medium) huuuge even a few years ago. Now, things have changed: we have Twitter and/or Facebook where opinions are being created in an instant. No longer is “one sheet” the “king of the jungle”. Most people see those posters only at 90×133 PIXELS (it means TINY, 60 times smaller than regular poster) on their iTunes account!!! Scary as sh*t! If you’d think about it for a moment, posters have to reinvent themselves …or die. Agencies and designers are just a tiny part of this machine that has to switch into a different gear, quickly. We’re working on it.

Opasinski is ever the optimist, but he brings up a really interesting point. In the age of the Internet, we make up our minds about what we see very quickly, and that can make the job of advertisers vying for attention even more difficult. The advertising business is all about reinventing itself, so I’m sure that leaders of the industry like Opasinski will come up with some brilliant solution.

Look forward to a full interview of Opasinski with Flixist and more of his gorgeous images early next week!