Tomb Raider reboot going the character-oriented direction


While Lara Croft is just getting reinvented ally over the place. Not only does her upcoming game reboot her character entirely, but the upcoming film is going to as well and not just by resetting the franchise’s time line. The next Tomb Rairder film, which has yet to be named or cast, is going for the more character-driven style of Casino Royale and Batman according to producer Graham King. When asked about the previous films not doing so well he responded by discussing the upcoming film’s direction.

Listen, the box office, they weren’t disasters but I find it interesting that the story that we’re telling is really the story before she became Lara Croft, so it is a character piece. It does have a lot of really great characters, but it’s a lot of action and a lot of fun, and for me, it’s something very different. I’ve not really done a movie like that before, but I really gravitated to rebooting this franchise and we’re going to give it a shot.

Anyone who has played the games knows there’s plenty of back story there, but I wouldn’t say that Ms. Croft has ever been character-driven in any medium so it will be interesting to see how they tackle it. It’s clear they’re hoping to line up with the game a bit considering they seem to be taking Lara back to her younger days as well.

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