Tomb Raider sequel in the works, more tombs in need of raiding


Though the first Alicia Vikander-led Tomb Raider didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel of adventure films, it apparently did well enough to warrant a sequel, as reports are now coming in of a follow-up to crafty Croft’s 2018 expedition. 

The news comes with the tidbit that the script will be written by Amy Jump, who co-wrote many of English filmmaker Ben Wheatley’s (A Field in England, Kill List) films with him. I’m a tremendous fan of Wheatley’s work, and Jump’s constant presence and influence on Wheatley’s films is something I’ve always noted. They are married, after all!

I didn’t care for the film last year (neither did our reviewer) but not particularly because Tomb Raider was bad. It was just so… unremarkable. Hopefully we can Jump-start some action!

No further details on the sequel, though Deadline cites sources saying Vikander liked the script as it developed. I wonder what kind of ice cream she likes. Favorite Ninja Turtle? Roar Uthaug (that’s his name!) directed the 2018 film, and a new director has yet to be named.

MGM & Warner Bros Starts Climb Toward ‘Tomb Raider 2,’ Amy Jump To Write Script [Deadline]