Tommy Wiseau starring in upcoming Scary Love


Tommy Wiseau, a man known for making a movie all on his own without any vision or preparation or any idea what he was doing and somehow pulling it off, will be bringing his singular personality to a new project sometime in the future.

After riding a wave of fresh popularity with the success of The Disaster Artist and the upcoming theatrical release of Best F(r)iends, Tommy Wiseau has announced that Scary Love, the latest movie he’ll lead, has finished shooting. Though its release details are shrouded in mystery, a teaser trailer has been released. Unfortunately, like with most teaser trailers, this offers scant details.

Scary Love with Tommy Wiseau - [Trailer]

The movie does look suitably neon lit and low budget to be a fun 80’s schlock homage. At least we get to hear Wiseau do a weird yell thing. That’s cool.

A future Los Angeles sets Scary Love with Wiseau as a bounty hunter searching for love in a world of cannibals, mutants, and freaks. It will be directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford through Telefantasy Studios. The production company looks to do weird, glitched-out retro work, which could make for a neat movie.

I’m going to remain enthusiastic that Scary Love will remain sincere enough to not miss the mark and stand as another example of the corrupted talent of Tommy Wiseau.

A behind-the-scenes look at Scary Love will appear on the Best F(r)iends website on March 30th and April 2nd.

‘The Room’ Star Tommy Wiseau Reveals New Movie ‘Scary Love’ (Exclusive) [THR]

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