Tony Jaa & Dolph Lundgren team up for A Man Will Rise


Tony Jaa is gearing to make a comeback after a few years away from the silver screen. His new film shooting right now is called A Man Will Rise, which co-stars Dolph Lundgren, Conan Stevens, David Ismalone, and Jakkrit Kanokpodjananon. Here’s a synopsis:

The film is an action film with comedy elements set in 1950’s Thailand. A local gangster terrorizes a town. When a young local man stands up to the gangster the villain brings in a group of foreign hit men who like to dress as cowboys to pacify the town. Ultimately only one man can rise up to bring them down and save the town.

Jaa is also directing A Man Will Rise, and has enlisted Panna Rittikrai, Vitidnan Rojanapanich, and David Ismalone to assist with fight choreography and action direction. Hopefully the results are better than the two messy Ong Bak sequels.

In case you were wondering about Jaa’s other comeback vehicle Tom Yum Goong 2 (aka The Protector 2), the much-delayed and problem-plagued film is now slated for December. I’m still looking forward to seeing Jaa and JeeJa Yanin together on screen, but I can’t believe it’s taking this long.

Check out some pics from A Man Will Rise in the Gallery. For a few more photos from A Man Will Rise, visit Twitch here and here.

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