Tony Jaa to star in sequel to Donnie Yen film SPL


In some major martial arts movie news, Tony Jaa will appear in a sequel to the 2005 film Sha Po Lang (SPL), which will also co-star Sammo Hung and Wu Jing. Donnie Yen, the star of the original film, is considering a role in the SPL sequel. No word if director Wilson Yip will helm the film. I’m assuming this will be a spiritual sequel to SPL rather than a direct sequel. (Think Flash Point, a spiritual prequel to SPL which features an incredible throwdown between Yen and Collin Chou.)

Also known as Kill Zone, Sha Po Lang was the movie that revitalized Hong Kong action cinema and helped make Donnie Yen a leading man. Jaa is of course the star of the Ong Bak films and Tom Yum Goong (The Protector). Jaa is currently working on a sequel to Tom Yum Goong, though it’s unclear where production stands as of now.

It’ll be interesting to hear how Jaa gels with a legend like Sammo Hung and an up-and-comer like Wu Jing, especially given some rumors about Jaa’s lax work ethic. Should Yen accept a role in the SPL sequel, I would love to see him and Jaa go toe-to-toe. How will the fight choreography will play to the strengths of their different styles? Maybe Yen will train in Muay Thai?

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