Top Chef returns in 2020 with an All-Star season


Top Chef is my absolute favorite show on television. It is the perfect blend of drama, cooking, and high-stakes competition. I am really excited to tell you that Bravo has announced Season 17 will air in Spring 2020 with an All-Star cast.

Top Chef season 8 was an All-Star season. Essentially, the best chefs from prior seasons that didn’t actually win their specific season were all invited back to compete against each other. They were all contestants that fans knew and loved (or hated, in some cases) competing for a larger-than-normal cash prize. It was truly thrilling. Last year, season 16 aired. I had great hopes that it would be another All-Star season, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I had given up hope that there would ever be another until I saw this news on Twitter. 

If you live in the United States and want to watch any of the prior seasons, they are all available to stream on Hulu. Season 17 will air in Spring 2020 exclusively on Bravo.