Total Recall remake looking for attractive ladies


There’s not a great deal to look forward to in the upcoming Total Recall remake, set to hit cinemas in the summer of 2012. The film is being directed by Len Wiseman, the man who gave us such genre greats as the Underworld films and the fourth, worst Die Hard, while the lead role formerly occupied by Arnold Schwarzenegger is being taken over by Colin Farrell, whose choice of roles has not always been the most discerning. Worse still is that the script is being penned by Kurt Wimmer, whose pen has already allowed dreadful Matrix knock-off Equilibrium and the even-worse Ultraviolet to (dis)grace our screens.

On the plus side, the lead female roles are now being cast and the groin-tingling trio of Kate Bosworth, Eva Mendes and Diane Kruger are frontrunners according to Deadline, with Jessica Biel and Paula Patton also reading. The roles being cast are Lori, who in the original film was an assassin working undercover as protagonist Doug Quaid’s missus, and Melina, a freedom fighter. If the roles are similar to those from the 1990 Paul Verhoeven film, my money would be on Bosworth or Kruger for Lori and Biel, Patton or Mendes for Melina. But since this is one of those ‘reimaginings’ that rarely end well – and of a film that is overrated to begin with – making predictions is a risky business.

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