Touchstone’s future to be mulled over by Disney


It appears the studio who released What About Bob?, Blaze, Mad Love, He Got Game and Wild Hogs (to name a few i randomly selected off their Wikipedia page) is on the outs at Disney. Touchstone Pictures, an imprint Disney originally created to release more edgy films, may be sold by it’s parent company soon the New York Post reports. Disney boss Bob Iger is looking over the options for the studio as he continues to trim fat and try to make Disney’s film section more profitable.

Aparantely Touchstone isn’t doing so well, especially since Disney is less shy about putting it’s name on more adult films (Pirates of the Caribbean for example). A agreement to distribute Dreamworks films hasn’t really notched up the company’s profitability either, and thus Disney says it must go.

In all honesty I don’t anyone really has too many warm and fuzzy memories about Touchstone Pictures itself. Plenty of the film’s they’ve released are true classics, and it’s sad to see any studio have to be sold, but I can’t think of a reason to cry over this.

[via The New York Post]

Matthew Razak
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