Town in Spain paints itself blue for The Smurfs


Yup, the entire town of Juzcar in southern Spain has recently had all of it’s buildings painted a “Smurf blue” thanks to Sony, as a marketing gimmick for the movie. Apparently Juzcar held the world premiere of The Smurfs, so . . . that’s why they painted the town blue. I guess. Over 4,200 litres of paint were used in the project, as were 12 unemployed residents of Juzcar who owned paintbrushes. Smurf you, Sony. Smurf you.

I think that the town actually looks really pretty (see more images below) if you just forget that it has any connection to The Smurfs. It’s sorta like a funny take on Yves Klein Blue, right? Anyone? Nevermind. Anyway, any intelligible reason why a small town in southern Spain was the prefect setting for this venture remains a complete mystery, since the movie takes place in New York and the Smurfs are originally from Belgium. Yeah, I give up, I have no idea. Now please excuse me while I Smurfing Smurf myself.

[via i09, via Edmonton Journal]