Toxic Avenger to be remade by Hot Tub Time Machine guy


Akiva Goldsman owns the rights to the Toxic Avenger. This scares me with very good reason. Now, SlashFilm is reporting that Steve Pink, director of Hot Tub Time Machine, is set to direct and co-write the planned Toxic Avenger remake as an “environmentally-conscious action-comedy.” Which would be fine, until the producers –Goldsman, Richard Saperstein, and Charlie Corwin- start describing as a “family-friendly PG-13 action comedy akin to The Mask.”

The Toxic Avenger is a cheap as hell, super-schlocky, ultra-violent crap-fest that’s fantastic in the way “cult” movies rarely are these days. The original Toxic Avenger had a woman masturbating to pictures of a kid sheran over with her car. There is something of a disconnect here.

[Via SlashFilm]