Toy Story 4 might be a romantic comedy separate from original trilogy


In a recent interview with Disney Latino, Pixar’s president, Jim Morris discussed some of the earliest details about the upcoming Toy Story 4. According to Morris, the sequel to the original trilogy won’t continue the story, but will actually be its own separate story which might even lead to other continuations. As he puts it, not a follow-up to Buzz and Woody’s adventures, but a romantic comedy might be in the cards.

“It is not a continuation of the end of the story of Toy Story 3,” Morris says. “Temporarily it is, but it will be a love story. It will be a romantic comedy. It will not put much focus on the interaction between the characters and children.”

If you’ve been keeping up with the Toy Story franchise, this actually doesn’t sound too far fetched. Lately, it has been kept well enough alive with a handful of shorts before some Disney features and even a few lengthier television specials, often focusing on the lives and adventures of the toys from the end of Toy Story 3 onwards.

Would Toy Story be strong enough to carry a fourth movie rom-com? Perhaps, but remember how you probably felt when you heard they were making a third as opposed to how it actually turned out. Weirder things have happened– like Pixar actually getting Carl Weathers to do the voice of a Combat Carl toy.

[via Slashfilm]