Toy Story 4 plot details are worrisome


After Toy Story 3 landed I promised I would never doubt Pixar again unless it involved automobiles, but they are making it hard. Good Morning America revealed our first plot details for Toy Story 4 and they seem a bit out of left field. We already knew the film wasn’t going to be a direct sequel and that it was going to function as a romantic comedy, but the new news is that it’ll be about a romance between Bo Beep and Woody.

That’s right, Bo Beep who wasn’t even in the last film and who no one has ever really cared about. As you may remember Woody and her were dating in the first film. This is just feeling like a cash grab the more and more we learn about it. Then again, we all said that about the the third movie and it was amazing so I’m still on board here, I’m just cautiously optimistic.

Think Ms. Beep will be getting a more famous voice actress now?

Matthew Razak
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