Toyz Noize is a logical way to play off Pixar Week


Man, the last day of Pixar Week! And what a week it’s been! We’ve seen our first perfect 10 review go to a Pixar classic, the biggest movie debate on Flixist to date, and Jenika slapped down the gauntlet on the role of ladies in Pixar movies. Truly awesome times. Yesterday, Liz showed us the Disney remix work of Pogo in “Boom.” Today, we’re sharing another Pogo piece, this one remixing the one flick that started it all, Toy Story. Maybe it’s just that I’m a bigger Pixar man than a Disney man, as far as such a distinction is possible, but I think this one’s even better than “Boom.”

So enjoy our last day of Pixar Week with some “fresh” tunes!

[Via Youtube]