Trailer: 0000


I’d never heard of 0000 or filmmaker Eddie Alcazara before until I saw this trailer, but it looks like this is going to be something to watch for this year. The only synopsis information I can find is the following:

The mind of one man will galvanize a global revolution. His technology will birth a new era of human existence and social connection, but this great gift is rooted in dark tragedy. If he is to survive, he will need the help of many, and if we are to survive, our awareness must grow.

So, it’s about a guy that strives to create a collective consciousness by hardwiring a small tower into his head and experimenting on children. I’m so there. I also found a little bit of test footage from this movie, which I’ll place below the cut.

[Via io9, via Vimeo]

0000 The Movie (Test Footage) from 0000 0000 on Vimeo.