Trailer: 10 Years


Since Channing Tatum is so hot right now, he’s recently been getting roles that demand more out of him than just his glorious body. 10 Years has a group of friends meet up at their high school reunion. Channing Tatum plays Jake, a guy who likes his girlfriend (who is played by his real life spouse, which must make the whole thing awkward) but gets reunited with his lost high school love (the amazingly hot Rosario Dawson), so romance-y stuff happens. And since this is one of those “ensemble comedies,” there are lots of other “funny people” in it who are doing stuff, but no one will care since Channing “G.I.Joe 2 delaying” Tatum and his abs are in this.

Justin Long and that one guy from Office Space are in it too, so…that’s probably good I guess.