Trailer: 1000 Kings


1000 Kings is the feature-length debut of Georgian filmmaker Bidzina Kanchaveli, and it looks crazy go nuts in the good way. The imagery reminds me of the cult movies I enjoyed discovering in high school back in the 90s. There are little familiar flavors here and there, a bit of Fantastic Planet, The Begotten, Altered States, and the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Here’s a synopsis of 1000 Kings:

In a distant future, mankind has transformed into a society completely reduced to the intellect. Living in an obscure system of immense spaces, people can only be distinguished from one another by their different social positions, as in a beehive.

The inhabitants only goal is producing light. But only one among them has this ability. For this he is admired, exploited, and kept under control.

To finish the film they’ll need some financial help, so they’ve set up an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the necessary funds. Good luck to them; this seems like it could be a fine addition to the world of weird cinema.

[Via Quiet Earth]

Hubert Vigilla
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