Trailer: 11-11-11


I’m not sure I’m too excited for upcoming horror film 11-11-11. It’s from horror director Darren Lynn Bousman, who brought us Saw II-IV, Mother’s Day and Repo!. All of those range from decent (Repo! was at least different) to just awful (Mother’s Day, really?) and none of them could really be considered good. So I’m not sure why he’s being treated like a master of horror other than the fact that people keep letting him make horror films.

Maybe this will be the one that impresses, though. It does look sufficiently creepy enough and while the whole numbers/religion thing is overplayed like the latest Beyonce song it still can be sufficiently compelling. The movie follows an author whose family dies and so he travels to Spain to hang out with his dying father and estranged brother. As you can see in the trailer the number 11 starts popping up everywhere and things start getting demonic.

What do you think? Actually going to be creepy or just more of the same?

Matthew Razak
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