Trailer 2: Immortals


Wow. That was a lot of stylish, epic scenes right there.

This new trailer for Immortals certainly wants you to believe the movie is going to be a truly massive event, but I get the almost desperate feeling from it that its showing us all the epic stuff because there isn’t anything else to it. Every other shot is either a giant army of people or someone dying in slow motion. It sure is shiny though. Real shiny.

Despite the trailer being one of the most overblown I’ve seen in a while, it’s hard not to think that this could at least be an entertaining 300 rip-off, especially with Tarsem Singh’s eye for making things look cool. There’s plenty of intriguing battles and weapons, and since they already learned how to do this type of movie wrong with Clash of the Titans they have to get it right this time. Hollywood always learns from its mistakes, right?

Matthew Razak
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