Trailer 2: Iron Sky


It’s late at night, and some stoners are passing around a bong. After one particularly massive rip, Zach “The Lungs” Jones is thinking about “heavy stuff” and suddenly has a thought. Getting everyone’s attention, he starts: “What if, like, the Nazis didn’t lose? Like, they lost man, but not all of them! Instead, they took a trip up to the moon, dude! And like, they’ve been waiting or something, and now the space Nazis are gonna invade Earth with spaceships and lasers and stuff!” A collective “woah” hangs in the air.

That is my best explanation for where Iron Sky came from, but who cares? It sounds awesome and looks like a lot of fun.

The film is finally done, and director Timo Vuorensola has announced that Iron Sky will be premiering on November 2, 2012, at the Berlin International Film Festival. It’s also an excellent way to flaunt the freedom of German movie distributors in the face of the rival videogame industry. Germany is still uptight about its Nazi past, so any Nazi references in videogames have to be censored if they want a German release, even if they’re historically accurate and portrayed as enemies. And yet somehow, movies can somehow get away with crazy sh*t like this. Hooray for double standards!

[Via Twitch]