Trailer 2: The Hunger Games


The newest trailer for The Hunger Games, the adaptation of the smash-hit young adult novels by Suzanne Collins, is out today, and it’s got me feeling a little bit better about the film, mostly because the trailer isn’t as terrible as the first one. They’re understandably not showing a lot from the actual Hunger Games, the fight to the death the various tributes, including Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen, have to compete in, so there’s not much special happening here. I’m wondering if this is yet another case where the studio is trying too hard to market the romance angle of the film, rather than the badass fights in the forest with mutant dogs and giant fireballs.

Also, I’m amazed, a little, that this movie is coming out in only a couple months. It seems like only yesterday we were reporting on it for the first time!

[Via Yahoo! Movies]