Trailer: 3


Tom Tykwer, director of Run Lola Run, is returning with 3, a drama about a couple in their early forties who both begin to have affairs. It isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems, though. Since the two are careful to keep their spouse away from their lover, they don’t learn the truth of what’s happening: they’re both having an affair with the same man.

I’m not usually big on relationship dramas, but this is one hell of a good trailer. Based on the director’s previous work and what I see here, it looks like it will have some beautiful cinematography. The story seems like it could be very well-done, and even though the trailer gives away the general story arc, there’s a lot of room left to wonder about what will happen with all of them. I also like playing Space Oddity over images of a fetus. They do kind of look like weird little aliens.

[Via /Film]