Trailer: After


I’m an awkward horror fan. I like watching slasher types, but “psychological thrillers” creep me the heck out. Something about the subtle use of silence and suspense gets me every time. I’m always iffy around the Creepy Mc. Creeperton films too, but for some reason, the trailer for After did absolutely nothing to me. 

It centers on a creepy town, as our own Alex Katz pointed out, that “looks more like a Silent Hill movie than the two Silent Hill movies,” and follows a couple that’s stuck there or something. Honestly this trailer did have potential until a weird shadow growly thing showed up and ruined it. It looks so damn generic. The title itself doesn’t scream originality either. 

This trailer is so generic, I couldn’t find a thumbnail image for it, so I made one that goes with After‘s lack of originality. Sorry folks.