Trailer: Alex Cross


I’m not much into “reading teh books”, so naturally I know very little about this Alex Cross character. While I think I saw Kiss the Girls and Along Came A Spider (really, who could remember those forgettable films), I had no idea they were sequels of sorts to each other. Well, Morgan Freeman is out and has been replaced by Madea Tyler Perry and I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say “Man, what an upgrade”.

While I am indeed a sucker for hokey serial killer thrillers, something about Tyler Perry playing a hard boiled detective comes off as … weird and unnatural. Am I really supposed to buy that Tyler Perry is going to kick ass and take names? Matthew Fox, however, is ripe with the craziness one would expect after coming off of years of convoluted Lost story lines and [allegedly] beating up female bus drivers. If only Madea was playing Alex Cross instead of Tyler Perry.

If you have the time, check the gallery for the poster of this movie which confidently states “Don’t Ever Cross Alex Cross” yet places the central character in the shadow of Matthew Fox’s more interesting character. I may have to follow that advice and never see this movie.

[via Total Film]