Trailer: American Reunion


If you’re over 18 and don’t live at work then you’ve already gotten a taste of the Red Band trailer for American Reunion. But what about those people who are younger than 18 and haven’t figured out no one is actually checking on the internet or those other people who sleep in their cubicles? Now they two can get a taste of the upcoming return of the entire American Pie gang with this new SFW trailer.

This one focuses on the boys (they’re back in town) and their wild partying ways now that they’re at their high school reunion. While the guys were always the focus of the films I’m hoping the ladies get a bit of emphasis too this time around if only to make sure that Jim’s dad isn’t actually a major character. Talk about funny in small doses, but way overplayed.

Check out the HD version over on Yahoo.

Matthew Razak
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