Trailer: American: The Bill Hicks Story


Modern stand-up comedy wouldn’t exist without Bill Hicks. He not only made stand-up funny again, but he did so with the courage to kick some serious ass while doing it. He had the balls to make people stand up and realize that there was so much more to life than we really expect. As is the way with such people, he died far, far too soon, and one can’t help but think if he had lived through his fight with pancreatic cancer that maybe comedy itself would be different today. Or at least maybe he’s go on SNL once every five years to remind the kids how much they suck.

So yeah, looking forward to American: The Bill Hicks Story. Check the synopsis below the cut.

[Via /Film]

Seventeen years after his death, Bill Hicks has taken a permanent place in the cultural landscape and is widely recognized as one of the greatest American comedians of the modern era. Described as many things – philosopher, social satirist, even preacher – Hicks was ultimately a performer who, for many, changed what comedy could be. He believed that comedy played a vital role in any free and just society, and that the comedian, a free spirit detached from political or corporate agendas, was able to voice what others wouldn’t, challenging convention and presenting ideas that would stimulate the minds of the audiences. Hicks had no difficulty making people laugh- but what he really wanted to do was make them think. His life tragically cut short at the age of 32, Hicks’ timeless material lives on, revered today by both comedians (many who cite him as an influence) and fans alike. Hicks’ remarkable journey is brought to life in the documentary feature AMERICAN: THE BILL HICKS STORY. Combining revealing new interviews from those who knew him best with a bold new photographic animation technique, AMERICAN takes the audience inside Hicks’ unfolding life story using archival footage and animated photographs, many from Hicks’ personal collection and previously unseen. It’s a film that innovates, inspires, and outrages- while being funny as hell in the process.