Trailer and Poster for Alexander Payne’s Nebraska

Nebraska Official Trailer (HD) Alexander Payne

Nebraska is a new film from director Alexander Payne, who has written and directed indie movies such as Sideways, About Schmidt and more recently The Descendants. Nebraska is about a cantankerous older man, played by Bruce Dern, who thinks he’s won a million dollars after he receives a sweepstakes letter in the mail, so he sets off on a road trip with his son, played by Will Forte, to collect his winnings.

Will Forte looks like he’s giving a strong preformance in the trailer, and all of the adorably curmudgeony old people seem like they’ll give the movie some (adorable) comedic relief. Perhaps taking a page from Joss Whedon’s recent project Much Ado About Nothing, Nebraska is completely in black and white. I’m not sure why the black and white thing is becoming a popular choice for indie dramas lately, but I will admit that it does feel oddly refreshing. Nebraska will be making the rounds at festivals this fall and will release in theaters on November 22nd, 2013.

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