Trailer: Apollo 18


Apollo 18 has had a turbulent history, to say the least. The first trailer got a lot of people, including myself, fairly pumped for the film’s April release. Not long after that trailer’s release, the film was pushed back into 2012, then brought into September of 2011, before finally landing in August 2011. You can read Dre’s musings on that here. With the studio seemingly committing to the August release date, this trailer was released last Friday, which we probably missed thanks to the awe and splendor of Pixar Week. It’s a lot more mysterious that the first trailer, which seemed to give away a lot more of the film’s mystery.

What are you guys thinking? Given the whiplash-inducing release date jumps, it’s difficult to be optimistic. However, the Weinstein Company has a long-standing tradition of mishandling good movies/movies they really don’t get, so it could just be Harvey being his usual dick self. Let me know what you guys think about Apollo 18.

[Via /Film]