Trailer: Apollo 18


After a juggling of release dates and two previous trailers, the final trailer for Apollo 18 has been released. It’s a bit similar to the second trailer, but instead of talking about the unknown Moon Menace (I am totally calling it that no matter what its actual name turns out to be), this one focuses on the crew of the ship and the more direct dangers they go through.

The movie looks like it could be pretty spooky. I don’t usually pay attention to the critic quotes in trailers, but one of them stuck out to me this time: they mention that the last ten minutes are thrilling. That does make me a little worried that it will turn out like The Innkeepers, which is fairly dull until the last twenty minutes, when they shove all the suspense that should have been in the film into one little section. Of course, it could also just mean that the last ten minutes are really damn good. Apollo 18 is out this Friday, so I guess there’s only one way to find out!

[First Showing, via Huffington Post]