Trailer: Argo


I love how Ben Affleck’s evolved as an entertainer. We all cackled and laughed at him back in the day, largely from the whole Jennifer Lopez crap, and a lot of us had written him off. Then with the two-shot of Gone Baby Gone and The Town, he very quickly reinvented himself as a director worth our time. Argo tells the story of a CIA operative (Affleck) that saves six escapees from the US Embassy as the infamous Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-1981 played out. I love the cloak and dagger stuff going on here, with Affleck’s character posing as a filmmaker trying to make a movie in Iran to cover his secret mission.

Argo releases October 12th, and if Gone Baby Gone and The Town are any indicators, it’s likely going to be an awards season picture, if only for the performances.