Trailer: Attack the Block (Red Band)


I hate Flixist UK member Xander Markham with a passion. Not only does he add the letter “u” to a lot of words unnecessarily, but his quaffed hair and alluring English accent might make him slightly more attractive than me (only slightly). To make matters worse, that crumpet-eating hooligan had the opportunity to watch Attack the Block before me, and from the looks of his review, us hamburger-eating Americans are missing out on “the best movie John Carpenter never made”.

Luckily for us, a red band trailer was released to coincide with its July 29 US release date and offers a bit of insight to the aliens of the film. From the looks of the trailer, this tale of inner city youths warding off an alien invasion looks to be  as funny and awesome as Xander claims it to be. If it’s turns out this English “coming of age while fighting aliens” film is better than our American “coming of age while fighting aliens” film (Super 8), then I’m afraid that the American Revolution would have been fought in vain.

[via indieWIRE]