Trailer: Austin High


Austin is best represented by films like Slacker and Dazed and Confused. This city I love and live in really is full of stoners, deadbeats, and crazy people. Stereotypes exist for a reason, after all. Yet, I think things aren’t quite as crazy as upcoming indie-comedy Austin High suggests, thankfully. The levels of insanity going on in this trailer are off-the-wall. This Austin-centric comedy made by an Austin cast and crew tells the story of a very stoned school faculty fighting the city’s crackdown on marijuana. The project is helmed by videogame developer Mike Wilson who formerly co-founded game publishers Gamecock Media Group (Mushroom Men) and Revolver Digital (Serious Sam 3:BFE). The film received a substantial amount of funding from a Kickstarter page, so it’s very much a film made for Austin, made by Austin.

We’ll soon find out if the film is a stoner classic that captures the spirit of Austin when it premieres at Austin Film Festival later this month.