Trailer: Bachelorette


I believe I’ve used the word “shenanigans” to describe movie plots far too many times. Sometimes I just can’t find words suitable enough to describe “wacky” or “quirky” things. When you add “wacky” or “quirky” women to the mix, I’m even more at a loss for words. 

Bachelorette seems to follow the Bridesmaids formula where one woman, Becky (Rebel Wilson), is going to get married and her group of friends from high school (which includes the sex-ay Lizzy Caplan and the probably sexy Kirsten Dunst) reunite and do things that may ruin it for her. Then comedy probably happens. Bachelorette will be out in theaters September 7th and VOD on August 10th, so I guess we’ll find out then exactly how the “wacky, quirky shenanigans” actually play out.

Hey wait…Isla Fisher is in this? Yeah, I’ll be seeing it day one.