Trailer: Baggage Claim

David E. Talbert's "Baggage Claim" Trailer

Another day, another movie about a woman who needs to find a man in order to have a fulfilled life. In Baggage Claim, we follow a single flight attendant who, upon the announcement of her younger sister’s engagement, decides she needs to find a husband ASAP, and with the help of her friends, attempts to rekindle relationships with all of her hot ex-boyfriends.

I don’t know, maybe I’m not the right audience for this movie, but as a single girl who is also watching a lot of her friends get married and have babies, I just find some of these hopeless, desperate female tropes a bit too bitter to swallow. While writing this post I accidentally misspelled Baggage Claim as Baggage Clam a few times, and honestly the idea of a movie about a clam dealing with emotional and even existential problems seems way more entertaining than another stereotypical woman trying to find herself in a relationship. Regardless, Baggage Claim will come to theaters on September 27th, 2013.

[via Collider]