Trailer: Batman: Year One


Once upon a time, Darren Aronofsky was set to direct Batman: Year One, but like every other Frank Miller comicbook movie he’s been attached to (full list is here), the Requiem for a Dream visionary became restless and followed a passion project instead. For this chapter, that was The Fountain.

Negotiations must have been incredibly difficult for someone who is known to demand complete control over his work, especially when you consider how much money Warner Bros. has riding on The Batman. Incidentally, it would have begun with Bruce Wayne having slit his own wrists in despair.

A blockbuster treatment of this story is probably unnecessary at this point, given that Christopher Nolan borrowed from it, as well as from Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns for his mega-hit trilogy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t open to the Korean animation studio that handles DC Comics DVDs. A trailer for the animated Year One has released today and it looks promising enough.

Last year, DC released the excellent All*Star Superman (my review here), which captured the depth required, and the WB seems pleased enough with Year One that it reportedly began work on The Dark Knight Returns right after. At least I hope that rumor is true. Comic Vine has added that a Catwoman short film will accompany this DVD release and it could instead be testing the waters for a full length spinoff.

[Via MTV and Comics Vine]